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Seventh Seal is a rock/metal band from central Maryland. Formed in 2001, the group has a long history in and around the Baltimore area and has built a strong following for their combination of hard-hitting riffs, powerful lyrical themes and focused, tight live performances. The band's musical style has evolved many times over the years: ranging from catchy, heavy rock to layered and aggressive melodic metal.

The band put out three releases prior to a 2010 hiatus and line-up change: Seventh Seal / self-titled (2004), Whole (2006) and As Lives Of One (2008). After a 2010-2013 break, Seventh Seal returned in 2014 with a brand new full length album titled The Ghosts Of What We Are. Taking on slightly different lyrical themes than before and moving further into layered and complex arrangements, The Ghosts Of What We Are served as both a powerful comeback and also a new sonic identity for the group. Spearheaded by "Ghost", the intense opening track and single, the album generated excitement from both old and new fans.

Now in 2017, Seventh Seal returns with another new chapter in their sound. THE CROWN, a brand new 6 track EP, blends the dynamic styles from The Ghosts Of What We Are with the simpler, riff oriented approach most associated with the band's self-titled debut. It's sound is heavier and darker than it's predecessor, with more energy and raw tone in the production. A video for the song Half-Life was released on February 2, 2017.

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